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Text for Page 208 [09-24-1861]

            �Fanny� and Jim of the Avenue.
was in town, having been in New York for some
weeks.  He made a tour through Canada east and
the eastern states, visiting the White Mountains,
previously.   He is stopping at Kelly�s house and
has called for me during my absence in Canada.
To the Evening Post Office; saw Maverick and Hen-
derson.     Up town.       Went to see the Woodward
girls in the evening, meeting Fite by the way.      Gos-
sip with them and Richardson till near 11.          Said
Susy: �I saw your friend Fanny Fern walking
with her husband on the Fifth Avenue, the other
day, and how loving they did look, to be sure!  She
nearly had her face against his!�      �And he?� I ask-
ed.    �Oh! he looked so fond of her!�        No doubt.
His Tetty, like old Johnson�s, has fascinations for
him, though Haney, the Edwardses and the Rogerses
indignantly refuse to recognize a fact potent enough
to me.        Didn�t he write letters to her calculated
to gratify her gross taste, and didn�t the woman
show them to me with an air of triumph?  It�s bosh
pitying him; he reaps as he sowed.
  25.  Wednesday.   A letter from the best and
dearest and kindest of earnest-hearted loving wo-
men � Hannah, whom God make me worthy of
and bring me to � soon if it may be! though the
prayer sounds cruelly self-reproachful to me, that
I haven�t compassed it.   For that reason I dare               
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