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Text for Page 209 [09-25-1861]

	       Mrs. Charles Gunn
not trust myself to write of her, as I do of others.
Comments on George Bolton, who, it appears, cants
in his home letters about �praying and believing�
and that �his loss will prove his spiritual good� �
bah! while cheating William Conworth of his labor,
and scraping up dirtily-won farthings.      Confirma-
tion of my estimate of the whole family.     Rosa Bol-
ton � I wish she had never lost that name or chang-
ed it for some other than mine! � it seems, treats
her guests (or rather Charley�s) with �hospitality�
akin to George�s.  �She received me kindly,� writes
warm-hearted Hannah, shy of a word of detract-
ion and dreading to appear uncharitable, �but
grew into an ordinary manner of treatment in
a few days, and when I left, I believe she was
not sorry.   I did not mention what I thought of
it to any one, not even to you, until Charlotte
came back from Chigwell and spoke her mind.�
Brave Charlotte! rightly done!    �I was inclined
to think her economical, as young beginners in
housekeeping ought to be, but there�s a difference
between economy and meanness.�  Ah! don�t I know
how much this implies, and how much my dear
Chacombe girl softens it; she, like all of her fa-
mily, except her father, the very soul of hospitality!
Charlotte went purposely to accompany Mrs. Bolton
because she (Mrs. B.) could ge no one else and Mr               
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