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Text for Page 002 [10-03-1851]

              Found Holmes door closed, he being at Flushing.   Stood waiting for a
dismal half hour at the Wall Street hotel, during a heavy rain-storm,
pondering of want of money and other horrors.  Back, matagrab-
olized  to Duane, and then scribbling far into the night, copy
of �Ike Chivvles� being needed on the morrow.
  4  Saturday.  Finished Chapter 3; Barth called.  With
him to the Traveller Office,  then to that of the defunct �Leader.�
Met the �General Compte de Bargaro� there, old Frenchman, mustached
and vinuous faced,   talked with Barth of Mexico campaigning. Met
Tom Frank.     Imbibition.   To Beekman Street, saw Lock, to
Holmes�, talk with him and Dunsier.  To Andersons. Got no
money from either.  Saw Barth to the South-Ferry.   To Millers
the lithographer about Mr Hart�s business, returning got wet through
Dinner, then Traveller Office, then to Courtlandt Street tailors.  Got
breeks.  To Holmes, he hard-up, so that inplace of getting the
$5 owing me, I lent him $1.   Back, dismal.   Evening Fo-
garty in my room with me.
  5.  Sunday.  Walk on the Battery with Fogarty, then to Cha-
pins Church.   Afternoon reading Alexandre Dumas �Marguerite of
Valois�.     Detest the French school of fiction, in which adultery is a
perfectly right and natural thing in the hero of a novel.     Young Fo-
garty with me some time.     Evening Barth & Joe called; the lat-
ter to Chapins with Martin, I and Barth to Mrs Kidders.  There
till 11, Pope, two others, Mason and Jane Gibson intermittent.
Talk of materialism, of Forrest, of Womans Rights &c, &c. [word crossed out]               
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