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Text for Page 210 [09-25-1861]

	    Acting after her kind.
Gazey �paid the woman�s railroad fare, which
hasn�t been refunded.   Of course!  Like mother,
like daughters, like sons! the whole mean, cunning,
despicable lot of them, barring only the simple-heart-
ed father who committed the hideous mistake of
marrying his half-brother�s servant-wench.  Charley
has taken a villa at Islington.              His little bitch of
a wife has been lying to him about the honest Gazeys,
�saying that Mr. and Mrs. G. tried to persuade
her not to marry Charley (which is untrue).    She
appears to try to excuse her past conduct by laying
blame on her friends.�  So much for her cant of
confidante-ship and affection for Hannah.      Char-
ley invites Sam and his wife to visit Chigwell, �for
the first time,� and poor Minnie has been to Rams-
gate in search of health.   My sister Rosa, at Neit-
hrop, designs visiting first the Gazey�s, then Cha-
combe.  She is �looking thin.  All Sarah Ann�s move-
ments are actuated by George Gardner who, has
sprained his ankle, but begins to get about again.�
I wish to heaven he�d hobble into church with
his little, cunning-mouthed, selfish choice and leave
an open door, through which dear little Mrs. Hew-
itt might tempt John Conworth to happiness of
which he is three-parts worthy.  William Bolton
lives saves and whores, meets Michael Bennett, farmer,
at Banbury market and incidentally says he               
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