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Text for Page 212 [09-26-1861]

	Sally and Tommy Nast.
and Miss Sturgis.     Haney, I learnt, had gone
to Newark or somewhere, out for the day.  Poor
Haney!   I should like to have been with him. Back.
Dinner, did report, smoked, read, loafed, wrote
up seven of the preceding pages.  As I sit now,
alone in my room, on a cool, darkish, starry night,
and very quiet, I suppose that Sally and Tommy Nast are
seated on the after deck of a Hudson river steam-
boat, plashing their way towards Albany.    The
last time that young lady made so long a voyage
on the �renowned river� was one August night, a
year ago when I sat beside her and told her of
my dead and gone passion for Mary Bilton.    I
remember advisint her, too, to accept Nast, if he
returned a special good fellow, with his liking for
her unimpaired.   �How anxious you are about
me!� she said; �perhaps I shall never marry.�   On
my repeating a not uncommon prophecy of mine
� and a perfectly truthful one as the event has pro-
ved � that, did she become Mrs Nast, our friend-
ship would terminate, she insisted that it should
not � that she would �make him like me.�  Ah!
Sally! you thought so, then, perhaps!       She told
me that she had lain awake all night, next mor-
ning, �thinking.�            I hope they�ll be happy,
but the natural man within me wishes that the
wish might only include Sally.    And I never               
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