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Text for Page 213 [09-26-1861]

	A Talk with Will Waud,
liked Haney so much as I do to-night.   Me-
thinks the pair have acted more than ungently
towards him.  When �Pet� was in �Little Dorrit�
was going to be married to her artist, she knew
how to part from the man whom she only suspected
of loving her.   Thinking of the generous and
touching letters that Haney addressed to her, on his
refusal, I cannot acquit Sally of the cold-hearted-
ness, selfishness and duplicity with which he
charges her.    But perhaps I shouldn�t have been so alive to it if she hadn�t sunk me.
  27.  Friday.   To Wiley�s, to get the money sent
through Charley from the Illustrated London News.
To the 6th Ward police station to procure a cicerone
for to-night.    To F. Leslie�s, saw W. Waud.       To
the �Evening Post� office, saw Ripley, Nordhoff and
Maverick.    A job.      Found Haney and W. Waud at
a restaurant.          Lunch with the latter and an hour�s
talk.   More details about his arrest, of which he
spoke with extreme irritation and acrimony.  Dodge,
having been expelled from the Long Island Volun-
teers, as from that paper corps, the President�s Life
Guard, is now in some other regiment � an officer
of course � and out of the city, presumably in Vir-
ginia.       W. Waud told me of Alf�s feat, at Cen-
terville, conjecturing that it will be ascribed to him
at the South, when his Carolinian comrades will
consider him the worst of traitors and scoundrels.               
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