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Text for Page 214 [09-27-1861]

                 About Damoreau�s Wife.
House�s paragraph about Alf went the rounds in
the papers.         Damoreau slaves as usual, ha-
ving relapsed into his former state of conjugal
subjugation; W. Waud favored me with a history
of his wife, which may be true enough.   She has
never been in Europe; the story of her Italian
birth having no more foundation than this: her
father was an Italian named Nolcini, her mother
a low Irishwoman, his mistress, while both were
residents in Boston.      Madame has a legitimate
brother, a chemist, who repudiates all acquaintance
with her and lives at Newburyport, Mass.         The
mysterious stories about the Russian consul wait-
ing upon her and informing her that she was heir
to a large fortune, her aristocratic tour through
the south, her return to mingle with the wealth
and aristocracy of Boston, her subsequent berea-
vent of fortune and position by the appearance
of �a nearer heir� � also mysteriously announced
by the aforesaid consul � all these interesting
stories, retailed to me with perfect faith by
Damoreau, are simply lies.   The woman was
taught needlework at some Roman Catholic semi-
nary, and probably cared for, to some extent, by
her father.     As to her marriage with Prideaux,
Waud knows nothing.     (I think I have heard
it disputed that she was married, and asserted               
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