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Text for Page 216 [09-27-1861]

	 Banks cadging Again.
Will talks of him with spleen and contempt,
now.      Another nauseous on dit. F. Les-
lie has deposed Watson from the editorship of
his illustrated paper, and E. G. Squier scissors
in his place.   Cause: Squier has a pretty wife and
F. Leslie, alias Carter, is normally under the dom-
ination of the fiend Lechery.     This Squier is a
Yankee and an ex-U. S. consul to Niagara.
  To Strong�s.      At Ross and Tousey�s, I found
Haney Tousey, F. Leslie and Bellew.  (Haney did not go to New-
ark yesterday; that story was a blunder of Mrs Pot-
ters.)       At Crook and Duff�s, during a rain-
storm with Bellew, Banks and Cahill.      The
former had suggested to the latter that Banks was
hungry and that he (Cahill) had better stand
treat to that exceedingly hard-up Bohemian, which
Cahill very willingly did, and to Bellew, too.
Like Mr. Weevle, alias Jobling, Banks declared he
�felt better,� after filling his stomach.  What I
feared when he lost his situation (in consequence
of drunkenness and negligence) has come upon
him; he is begging and borrowing throughout his
acquaintance.     I know he has applied to Haney,
Damoreau, the Wauds, Boweryem, Shepherd
and Cahill.    The latter lent him money and saw
him drunk and smoking a cigar in a tavern short-
ly afterwards.  Banks told W. Waud that if ever               
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