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Text for Page 217 [09-27-1861]

	Some of the Slums of N.Y.
he (Waud) had a couple of dollars to spare, just
to put it into an envelope and to leave it at Strong�s
for him.   �As if,� commented W. W., �he expected
it weekly.�       Up-town, with Cahill; he not sober.
Met Raymond, Bellew�s acquaintance; Cahill
left me.         At 8. P. M. met Hart, Kelly and
German, a young fellow employed by Hart and
his fellow traveller.   (Hart is in the liquor busi-
ness, as well as the lithographic.)  With them to the
6th ward, and under convoy of Officer Golden,
through some of the slums of the vicinity; foul
and frowsy cellars, where the sleepers burrowed 
like rats, noisome and stinking alleys and
courts, all seen under a dull, drizzling, close,
filthy night.    In some dens, the lodgers lay
in berth-like shelves, as on ship board; in one
some brazen women barred egress and clamo-
rously demanded money.    These were five and
six cent lodging-houses.          Thence to the 4th
Ward and my old acquaintance, sergeant Wil-
liams, who detailed a policeman, named Clark,
to guide us through the neighborhood.    We visited
the different dance-houses, at some of which
Hart and young German danced, but none of
them presented anything different to what I
had seen before, though my companions were
interested enough.      To bed, tired, by 12 �.               
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