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Text for Page 218 [09-28-1861]

               Mrs. E. Heylyn�s Doings.
  28.  Saturday.   A letter from Heylyn, with
more details about his domestic affairs. A row
after my departure.     Mrs. H. in Mrs. B�s room,
�raging awfully� and swearing she will turn her
into the street, going to kill her husband �and
most unfeeling to him,� as he, rather gratuitously,
adds.    �Saturday morning she got up as ugly as
the devil,� Heylyn continues, �and I tried to rea-
son with her it was a wet day but I concluded
Genie had best leave Liz got mad and told me
if I did not take her away she would turn her
out I took her away and Liz spoke kind to her
before she left.�    Then follows a detail of row
until Tuesday, ending in the departure of Mrs.
Heylyn for Le Roy, with assertions of his af-
fection for one who �in education and feelings is
more equal.�      The letter concludes: �I think
I am a fool to continue the way of life I have
done, my wife forms no acquaintance a she is so
uncompanionable I am about tired of living.�
  Writing.  In the afternoon to Kelly�s, East Broad-
way.   Hart out.    Down town.     At 8 to the St
Nicholas.   Two �ropers-in� to some gambling house
tried their vocation on me, supposing me a green-
horn.   Hart, Kelly, and German appeared.     To
Haney�s; then to two Assembly Balls in Greene
street, at one of which Hart and German danced.               
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