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Text for Page 219 [09-29-1861]

              Sally and Nast are Married.
  29.  Sunday.   To Chapin�s.  Met Hart there.
After church Jack Edwards joined us.  Hart di-
ned with me, then went to Jersey City, returning
at dusk.     Writing.  Cahill up.   To Haney�s with
Hart after supper.         At 8 � left him and went
to 745.   Mr. and Mrs. Edwards in.       Talk.  Sal-
ly and Nast were married at 8 A. M. instead
of after dinner, as proposed, a Philadelphian
acquaintance of the family officiating.  They start-
ed for Albany by the 11 o�clock train.   A. M., on
the Hudson river railroad.          In an hour�s time
Mat, Eliza, Jack and a Miss Griswold return-
ed from Chapin�s.  Friendly chaff and spar with
the girls, especially with Eliza.   Hints about �all
their friends deserting� them an the like, involving
the employment of a little wholesome irony.   Left
at the usual hour.           Haney intended going to
Nyack to day and I suppose did it.       Miss Gris-
wold is a sister of Mrs Weddle�s.             George Ed-
wards came in with the others, but stayed out long.
He has got a second lieutenantcy in some volunteer
regiment, and is on duty recruiting.
  30.  Monday.   To Kelly�s, for Hart and German
and with them, crossed to Brooklyn, to the Navy
Yard, there to obtain details for an article for
the �Evening Post.�  Captain Almy, the commander
proved as obliging as Americans in authority generally               
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