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Text for Page 039 [10-09-1849]

              9. Tuesday.  Drawing, sans interruption. \ Ben practicing
too in the morning.	After supper, talk among the fellows
about fires, and divers anecdotes of the �b�hoys� who run �wid der
Machine.�   Ben�s half lament that he has no �ex-citement� at
all now.
  10. Wednesday. To New York, posted letter for M, sent off 2
drawings on blocks to Philadelphia, then to William St Bowery, calling 
on Baker, in his new diggings; leaving block with Brinsley�s name to be
cut by him. (Bye the bye he�s been�s absent since Sunday; �
drunk and ill at a Tavern, Infelix senex!)    Drawing the rest
of the day.
  11. Thursday. Drawing.  A letter from Sartain, and that in
not the civillest vein in the world. Crossed by the drawings on their way there.
  {12. Friday   Drawing. | Ben Haun practising on a list
  13. Saturday}   of the names of the �Apollo Association of Jersey City,�
in my room.   On Saturday afternoon, having finished the other two
blocks, went to Wall Street, and dispatched them, (with my bill) to 
Philadelphia. And returning through the busy streets, down which
a sharp north-wind was driving, reminding me of my extreme need
of a great coat, � and crossing on the crowded ferry boat, in the
chill �gloaming� of the evening ; � gazing on the multitudinous streams
of life around me, - on the barge �Empire of Troy,� with her fires
glowing, bells ringing, busy people embarking; � on the western               
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