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Text for Page 003 [10-05-1851]

              Pope having broken the shins of his shallow soul against some of the first
stumbling blocks in the way of belief.  Nothing-arian.  Saw no reason for
crediting deity or futurity  (though of course he believed in the former �
what a belief sure!)  as he couldn�t understand it.  Negatived the
existence of the sun because he could�nt see the mechanism by which it was
wound up.  And profoundly considered himself a thinker because he had
advanced to Negation.     Shallow Master Pope!  /     Talk of Letters from
and for Lotty. She finding all things strange about her, talking of
masculines deserving an introduction, a concert &c.  How Mason hath
written a comic letter, narrating the imagined effects of her departure on
admirers, that Pope had earnestly supplicated for a supply of prussic acid from
the store, that another hearing Lotty�s name inadvertantly mentioned at the
dinner table had burst into tears & rushed from the room; that another
had, attired but partially, mysteriously wandered forth at night, and being
followed by him, (Mason),  had on being questioned as to whitherwards
had frantically answered �Georgia!� Lotty! �The Devil!� and on his con-
dition being represented to him, meekly taken refuge in the station
house!/     Quaint little dog!           /         Walked with Barth to the
[Solenth?] Ferry, he, as I had expected partially admiring Mrs K�s
talk; taking the false metal for the true.   [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].                                   /   A letter from Gleason
in reply to the �Crawford� one, fat vulgar handwriting and tautology.
�You blame me when I am not to blame. I would sooner have cut off my
hand than have published that Sonnet!�  Unfortuate ass!
  6. Monday. Wrote to Mr Hart, to Alf Waud and to knave               
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