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Text for Page 221 [09-30-1861]

             Boweryem and Jennie Jewell.
are to the press.    And Lenier, the Tennessee
captain, after the ceremony described in the text,
invited us down into his cabin, to partake of some
very good Bourbon whiskey.      We returned to
New York by the Fulton Ferry and dined at
Crook and Duff�s.      Thence, parting with my
friends, I went up-town and wrote letter to George
Babbage, in Charleston, S. C. chancing Hart�s
being able to send it by hand from Kentucky.
I had called previously at F. Leslie�s and given
W. Waud a similar opportunity, of which he
availed himself.    Wrote report for �Post.�  Hart
came in the evening.   Out for half an hour with
him at Haney�s.               Cahill up during part of 
the afternoon and evening.                Boweryem�s
�engagement� with Miss Jennie Jewell (for it
seems the pair had got far enough to call it by
that name) has culminated and collapsed.    My
irrepressible little friend was, it appears, shock-
ed by the young lady�s sending out for brandy
for her own consumption, at night � I don�t
know that she didn�t propose that he should
fetch it.       Then there was some intimation on the
part of the father that he approved; that the swain
was a �smart little fellow,� and that they had
better get married immediately.    Upon which
Boweryem writes a lengthy and elaborate letter               
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