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Text for Page 223 [09-30-1861]

               Nichols the Picture Seller.
entering the room unexpectedly, caught him
kissing her!

  1.  Tuesday.   Down town by 9 � with article
to the �Evening Post� office.  Saw Maverick and
Nordhoff.       To Weston�s, the �Courier� and �Times�
office; met Oscanyan at the latter, who told me
he had been writing editorials on the East, for the
�Herald.�   Walked with him to the �Post� again.
Saw Godwin; proposed going to Kentucky to
report the war there, he in favor of it.       Met
Nichols the picture-dealer, who has been in Eng-
land to present that of the City and Bay of New
York to the young Prince, at the cost of certain
subscribers here � hooked into it by Nichols, who
despaired of selling the picture.  He is a humbug
and, artists say, a rogue.           Talking to me of
a puffed attempt to get up a gallery of U. S. pictures
in London, he said it failed because the Ameri-
can artists were d____d fools; which might have
been a just aspersion, had they trusted him.     Hith-
er and thither.         Met Cahill and Armstrong
momentarily.    To East Broadway, saw Hart
and German.       Up town.   Writing to William
Tew and his wife.        Hart up in the evening.
To Haney�s together.               
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