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Text for Page 224 [10-02-1861]

             Intended Hoax on Mapother.
  2.  Wednesday.   Down town by 10.  to �Post�
office.   Saw Godwin; call again.     Met Hart
at the Astor by 11 �.    To Walker and White
streets, endeavoring to discover �Major� Jim Turn-
er, to get him to show Hart and German some
crack gambling-halls.   To the �Post� again; saw
Godwin.   Answer unfavorable about the Kentucky
project, or assent postponed.       With Hart to
W. Leslie�s, saw my long friend and little
Kendall.      Dined with Hart at Mataran�s.
Up-town.       Evening doing chores and scrib-
  3.  Thursday.   Hart and German came.   With
them to Broome street, saw Turner.  Then took
them to Harry Jennings�, to show them the place.
(�Arry has been recently �sent up to the island� for
thirty days, for fighting dogs.)    Then Hart wrote a
letter to me, dating from Fort Lafayette,
the prison of �rebels� in the Harbor, stating that he
had been arrested and sent thither, which letter I
enclosed in another to Dillon Mapother, for the pur-
pose of hoaxing him, and sent it off during the
afternoon.        Return to dinner.  Writing.  At 10
P. M. met Hart, German and presently Turner and
a �sporting� acquaintance of the latter, and under the
guidance of this person, evidently a professional
gambler or �roper-in,� visited two faro-banks on               
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