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Text for Page 225 [10-03-1861]

         Gambling Hells & Concert Saloons.
Broadway.    One was well, the other handsomely
furnished; the first had a nude, indecent and
ill-drawn Venus in oil ornamenting the wall, and
both places had negro attendants.    There was but
one player in each, and he, I have no doubt a
professional make-believe.  Secession has affected this
trade as well as others.         The gambler was kind
enough to say he�d like to see me win $5 but did-
n�t experience it � or the other contingency. He also
propsed, first to me, and then to Hart, to pilot
us to certain fashionable brothels, which offer was
not accepted.    Between our visits to the dreary
deserted hells, we descended to one of the numerous
singing and drinking saloons on Broadway, and
sat there, witnessing a dramatic duet, in Ger-
man, drinking lager and weiss-bier and obser-
ving the frequenters of the place.  The waitresses
were German, tawdrily dressed and generally
ugly; they mingled freely in conversation with the
visitors, many of whom appeared vastly enter-
tained, with their forward vulgarity and dreary
familiarities.      Of course they were ex officio, all
prostitutes.       We parted at 11.
  4.  Friday.   Writing to Hannah.   In the eve-
ning, at 9 �, dropped in at 745.   Haney there,
the girls, Miss Griswold, a little Miss Weddle
and Mr. Edwards.       Mat looked pretty in her               
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