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Text for Page 226 [10-04-1861]

      Mort. Brown returned from Sweden.
curls and was conversible, Eliza sat on the
sofa and did Sally.     Talk about news, books
&c.   Mrs. Edwards appeared and Jack return-
ed from drill in his red breeches.     Walking
homewards with Haney afterwards, I learnt
that the married couple are expected home on
Tuesday and that a little party is to celebrate
their return.     Sally has written a letter to 745,
illustrated by her husband.       Haney declined
reading it.
  5.  Saturday.   Mort. Brown came up to see
me, which young man, dismayed at the educa-
tional rigor of Swedish universities, gladly avail-
ed himself of the exhortation to come home on
the part of that respectable baker, his father.    He
saw Charley and Bob Gun in London, Yewel
in Paris, bringing me a letter from the latter.
It appears that Bob Gun visited Yewel, when
in France.    That kindly little artist has been
working hard during the last five years, doing
a good deal of copying, as �pot-boilers.�  The pa-
nic of 1857 cut off his resources, pecuniarily,
hence his �cart-horse� work.    He would like a
return visit to New York, but, judiciously enough,
distrusts doing so at present.     And, of course,
he likes Paris vastly.     Down town; looked in
at the office of Turner�s �Lesley Guard;� to the               
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