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Text for Page 227 [10-05-1861]

            Bellew gives me some Advice.
Times� and Strong�s for $ owing.    At the �Eve-
ning Post� office, saw Ripley, Maverick and
Nordhoff.     More chances of work.  Return.  In
the evening Boweryem came home with the news
that Cobb was in town, so at 10 we went down
to Courtlandt street and there left a note of
invitation to him.
  6.  Sunday.   Writing a story.     In the afternoon,
Bellew came up and sat an hour.     Out together
for a stroll, down and up Broadway.          Talk
of fellows, of success in life and the lack of
it.     Quoth he, in advice to me, on some incident-
al denunciation of Bohemiansim on my part: �Take
$5 in silver and spend it in treating fellows
at Crook and Duff�s � You have managed them
badly.� &c.  His theory about �the debtors and
borrowers,� as Rabelais calls them, is curious: �If
a man acknowledges a debt, or lets you see that
he remembers it, it doesn�t so much matter if
he doesn�t pay it.�     Like Micawber�s recognition
of his indebtedness to Traddles.      I spoke my
convictions about O�Brien, whom Bellew defended.
Clapp he holds almost at his right estimate.      That
newspaper gorilla he knew for the first time in
England, when Clapp often dined at his ex-
pense.   On Bellew�s departure for America, the
American would have depleted him of two-thirds               
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