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Text for Page 228 [10-06-1861]

             Hart returning to Kentucky.
of his money, giving in return, an order for a
similar sum on �a friend in Minnesota.�     At
a later perior Clapp proposed to borrow $300
from Bellew.       Left him at 5 �, in the
6th Avenue, looked in at the boarding-house
where Jones and Mrs. Butler reside, saw both
of them, talked with the latter.      Return.  Hart
came at 7 �; with me for an hour, then I walk-
ed with him to Canal street, parting there both
with him and German, who we met at the St. 
Nicholas.      They start for Kentucky early, to-
morrow morning.     I like Hart; he is one of those
sensible, cheery Englishmen whose reliability and
business capacity have made the name respected
all over the world.         Looked into Chapins� on
my return and finding Jack, Eliza and Mat-
ty there, walked up to the house with them, �squi-
ring Matty.     A little gossip on the doorstep with
all three, pleasant enough, Eliza willing to do
the pretties as before the Nast-y epoch, and alive
to indirect chaff thereon.
  7.  Monday.   Writing.    Down town with Cahill
by 11 �, calling at Kennedy�s (Superintendent of
Police) office by the way.   To the �Evening Post� office;
saw Ripley.      Up in the �World� office, Nicholson, Hen-
dricks and another reporter, whose name I don�t re-
member there.    While descending the stairs, met               
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