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Text for Page 229 [10-07-1861]

              Mrs. Alf Waud & Mrs. Sexton.
Croly.   Great changes in the paper, since its absor-
ption of the �Courier and Enquirier�; old hands off,
new ones on, Marble chief, the piety drop-
ped, theatres duly noticed and (Croly says) salaries
cut down at the paper paying.      Nicholson told me
that Frank Wood was with George Arnold, at the
Phalanx.      Up town seeing Kennedy and getting let-
ter from him.      In the afternoon, a little to my
surprise, Hart came up, having deferred his depart-
ure, in consequence of a ball gotten up in his honor, at
Kelly�s.      Writing during the afternoon and evening.
  8.  Tuesday.   A windy, stormy, rainy day.   In
doors writing short stories till 4, then down-town.
Met Watson the sinister in a demi-military cap
and costume, who told me he was getting up a com-
pay, with the object of becoming its captain.    Re-
turning up Broadway, in the windy, chill sunset
with a bit of rainbow in the sky, came plump upon
Mrs Sexton and �Mrs.� Alf. Waud, who greeted
me with great cordiality.      The latter looked large
and fair, her features are beginning to assume
something of the boldness of outline perceptible
in those of her mother.  She was going to Washing-
ton, next week, she said, Mrs. S. accompanying
her.     I asked about Alf.  Oh! he was there still.
�Growling a good deal?� I suggested.   �Isn�t he!�
she ejaculated.      He was there for the war, she added.               
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