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Text for Page 004 [10-06-1851]

              Gleason.  Drew little Initials for Holbrook.  Out,  calls at the Travel-
ler Office, at Holmes &c.  Returning young Hooper called, with intel-
ligence of the removal of his uncle, wife and self to new boarding house in
Franklin Street.     Afternoon calls again, correcting proofs &c.
Evening out to Franklin Street, conversing with Mr Hooper and wife
&c. Mr and Mrs Cummingham called, (folks who had the Leonard
Street house till the evil dynasty of Flowers replaced it.)   Saw
young Hoppers place, and the propritress of the house, a Mrs Leave,
and agreed to come on the morrow, jointly to occupy sky parlor
with young Hooper.       I think there�s a conspiracy of New-York-
mankind to condemn me to attics during the rest of my life.
  7. Tuesday.  Little initials.  To the Traveller Office,  and then
to Holmes.     Got $2.50   (able to pay Ogress Holt now,)    Back,
put few things together and quitted Holts.     To 48 Franklin.
Dined.  To Traveller Office and Holmes &c in the afternoon.  Eve-
ning to Brooklyn & called at Dunsiers.
  8.  Wednesday.  Drawing, apropos of the Bloomer costume, for the Tra-
veller, during the morning.  After dinner, to Chamber Street, to 
Genins, to Traveller Office, to Holmes,  & Andersons � Could get no
money.  To Castle Garden, saw Livers.  Back.  Evening to Trippler
Hall, there attending a Concert by a Mr Turner.   Fine large building.
The man had a good voice, though of no great power.        It being over
by ten, [words crossed out]   stolled into the rooms of
Mrs Kidder, where finding Mason and Jane Gibson all alone, sit-
ting lovingly side by side   I left them, and back to Franklin.  This               
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