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Text for Page 231 [10-09-1861]

	To Governor�s Island, &c.
some time amid a party of teamsters, Zouaves
and soldiers, about to be sent off to Washington,
got a note to the commander of Bedloe�s Island.
By Kelly�s little steamer to Governor�s Island, saw
Col. Loomis, in command there, an old gentleman
with a large white beard, who proved as little com-
municative about the subject of my visit � the South-
ern prisoners on the Island � as most U. S. A. 
officers commonly are.  He was playing chess with
a German officer.       Returned by a chance steamer
landing workmen.     A lovely, breezy, sunny day.
To the office of the Harbor Police; half an hour
with Captain Todd, getting information about the
operations of that service.  Up-town; to the �E. Post�
office.      Lunched on oysters in Fulton market.  To
Haney�s; saw him and Bellew.              Met Nichol-
son and F. Wood at street-corner; the latter
said he and G. Arnold had been at work on a
dramatic piece �ordered� by Laura Keene. (?) A Massa-
chusetts regiment coming down Broadway.  At
Anthony�s; saw Richardson and Griswold, bright
photographs for Canada folks.       Return to Bleeck-
er.       A note from Matty, stating that the Bride
(with a big B) has returned and is �staying for
a few days� at 745 and that �we should be plea-
sed to see� me �this evening,� and �hoping to
have the pleasure of beholding the light of my               
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