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Text for Page 233 [10-09-1861]

	    A Bridal Reception.
dinner for her husband for the first time to day.
The poor old German mother is, it seems, not
to live with her son and newly-acquired daughter.
They will keep no servant.       They made all their
preparations without taking anybody into their con-
fidence, said Ann, but had got very nice things �
she was surprised on seeing them.   The young man
had a decided will of his own and was very em-
phatic in expressing his likes and dislikes; Slly
must defer to them at present.      To this I talked
quiet irony and commonplace, and presently, on
Sally�s return from a brief absence from the room,
when she seated herself at the other end of it and
when Nast relinquished her side for a few minutes
(which he was very chary of doing) I went up and
offered a few words of congratulatory chaff.  She
had been so encircled by the others, I said, that
I couldn�t do it before, likening her to a wedding-cake
and them to the sugar on it.       The loss was hers,
she said.    I had thought she had looked her best at
a distance, but laughing, she opened her mouth
and spoiled that impression during our momentary
interview.     Haney (who had been sick with diarrhea
yesterday, keeping his room) had left; in five
minutes I followed him, kind Matty (who had
just executed a song in conjunction with Eliza) coming
out after me, to give me a piece of the second               
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