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Text for Page 234 [10-09-1861]

	   Pretty and kind Matty.
wedding-cake, of her making.     I stood talking
with her till Anne must needs come out and till
Haney rattled at the railings.          Walked to 16th
street with him and in his room for half
an hour.    Mat wrote him a very urgent invita-
tion, which I saw; the pretty girl now tries
her best to keep up old kindnesses.  But this
wedding-party was not a success, nor were the
right feelings attendant in it.       I had expected,
when either of these sisters got married, to have
said, vocally and mentally, �God bless you!� with
all my heart; as �twas, it was neither felt not
wanted.       Other faces ought to have been present,
too, Nicholas and Welles and hearty Jack Crock-
ett, the latter of whom was invited.     Talking
of the former Anne mentioned that he was now
in love with another girl, as though I ought to
sneer at him for it.      �A sensible fellow!� I
said.        Haney�s estimate of the new Mrs. Nast
has settled down into a cold conviction.   On his
leaving the room, I remarked that Nat put
his hand upon Haney�s shoulder, inviting him to
visit them.   It might have been done in good
faith � it probably was � but I didn�t like to see
it � there was an air of patronage about it intole-
rable to me.      If Haney goes, it will be a mere
call of ceremony.               
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