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Text for Page 236 [10-10-1861]

                Dillon Mapother�s Retort.
the prisoners had not arrived, but were ex-
pected that afternoon.   I drank and lunched 
with the officers, who seemed to regard themselves
as so many military Robinson Crusoes.    Re-
turning, I met Bowman on the Battery, who
told me that the �Tribune� wanted a man to go
with the big naval expedition, which is setting off
for some unknown destination, possibly New
Orleans or Charleston, none of the valorous em-
ployees being willing to risk their valuable lives
in that service.           After calling at the �Post,� went
up and saw Dana about it.               A man just en-
gaged.    Up-town.  A letter from Dillon Ma-
pother � he not caught by the hoax, swears he
will retaliate by making Hart�s
imaginary incarceration public in the �Louisville
Journal,� thus biting the biter.      Furthermore
he charges him with loafing, to the missing
of chances of money-making by the firm.    In
the evening down town with Boweryem for a
night cruise with the Harbor Police.

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