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Text for Page 005 [10-08-1851]

              house is nearly opposite to the place where whilome Mrs K had rooms.
Arrangements here are not bad, albeit with respect to meals very car-
nivorous, fruit &c.  being unseen.  Place will do, at present.
  9.  Thursday.   Drawing and scribbling. Onslaughts on the Pica-
yune.   To Traveller Office, to Andersons, (who caused me to read a
long letter of his concoction, commencing with revilement, and ending with
blarneying the person addressed.)   Met Dunsier.   To Traveller Office
again, meeting Donovan there who told me Scoville of the Picayune
wanted to see me.   With Holbrook.   Back to dinner.  After
to Holmes,  meeting Donovan, and calling at the Pick office for ad-
dres.  Holmes at Flushing.   Call at Stewarts. Saw him.  Evening
to Mr Greatbatch�s for books, Joe back with me.  Drawing on wood 
and writing till late.
  10.  Friday. To Warren Street, Scoville�s place.  He out.  To the
Traveller Office, talked to Holbrook about going to Niagara.   Says he�ll
be able to accomplish it. To Picayune Office.     Saw Scoville, vicious-faced man,
and Hutchings, [words crossed out].  Calls elsewhere.     Holmes, saw Macnamara.
Afternoon drawing and scribbling.   Barth called with his tail ^|tale|, recently com-
menced.           Evening scribbling. Chapter the Fourth of �Ike Chivvles�.
  11. Saturday.  Down town. Left M S at Traveller Office, called at
Strongs  and then to �Leader� Office.   Talk with the �Doctor�, others and
Picton.   Imbibition with the latter.     Back to dinner. Rushed down
town at sunset, in time to get $2 from Holbrook, and $1 from Holmes,
which enable me to do cashing up for board.     To Castle Garden. Met Ser-
geant Buchman, talked awhile, then back.  Fogarty called in the               
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