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Text for Page 243 [06-29-1887]

              On Wednesday, June 29th, the friends
and relatives of Rose A. Tew, daugh-
ter of Arthur Tew, Esq Washington,
and Wm. Perry, of Delorine, Manitoba,
son of Sheriff Perry, of Woodstock,
assembled at the residence of the 
bride�s father to witness their marri-
age.  The ceremony was performed by
the Rev. Robert Burns, B. A., assisted
by Rev. J. Tatler Smith, of Tara, and
Rev. William Robertson, M. A., Chest-
erfield.  Although this is designated
a joyous occasion there are many, if
their own selfish wishes predominated,
would wish it otherwise, as Miss Tew
was a young lady very highly esteemed
in this community and will be sadly
missed both in the church and socially.
She has held the position of organist
in the church for years.  The many
beautiful and costly presents given the
bride testify strongly to the position
she holds in the hearts of her friends.
The following is a list of the presents,
as far as can be ascertained:�Mr. A.
Tew, family bible; Mr. A. Tew, 1 doz.
silver desert spoons, � doz. silver table
spoons; Sheriff Perry, a magnificent
china tea set complete; Mrs Perry, linen
table cloth; Miss Bella Perry, rattan
rocker; Stephen Hall, silver cake dish
and spoon holder; Mrs. S. Hall, brace
and case of 12 bits;Mr and Mrs William
Dunn, Counterpane; Mr. and Mrs.
Cranston, counterpane; John Oliver, 
silver tray, (Jubilee design); Mr. and 
Mrs. A. J. Colvin, silver salt and pep-
per cruet; Mr. and Mrs A. Kaufman, sil-
ver fruit dish; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Osborne, pair silver napkin rings; Mr.
and Mrs Hall, carving knife and fork;
Mrs. R. Marshall, pair silver napkin
rings; Mr and Mrs John Tew, silver
butter knife and pickle fork; Mr and 
Mrs Thomas Perry, drawing room
clock in bronze and plush; Mr. and 
Mrs. Bass, 1 doz silver fruit knives;
Mrs. J. Anderson, set macrame mats;
Miss Laura Hall, silver individual pep-
per and salt; Mr and Mrs S. O. Perry
silver fruit dish and spoon; Mrs John
Perry, tea-pot; Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Perry, linen tablecloth; Artie Tew,
syrup pitcher; Harry Tew, cream
pitcher; Miss Mary Tew, Morocco case
scissors and a magnificentebony clock;
D. A. White, silver carving knife and
fork; Mr. and Mrs. W. Robson, silver
butter dish; Miss Morrison, plush jew-
el box; Mr. J. Morrison, collar button;
Miss Lettie Martin, silver individual
pepper and salt; Mrs J. Martin, 1 doz.
silver desert spoons; Mr. Fowler, silver
sugar spoon; Miss Emma Hall, � doz.
silver desert and 1 doz. tea spoons; W. 
H. Willman, 1 pair majolica vases; Mr
and Mrs Wilkinson, silver butter dish;
Mr. and Mrs Cumming, pickle cruet;
Mrs T. Ryall, plush handkerchief box;
Miss Ryall, hand painted placque and
easel; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hall, silver
tete-a-tete service; Mr. Edward Bour-
chier, clothes wringer; Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Hall, silver sugar bowl and
spoon holder combined; Miss Jennie
Oliver, pair linen towels; a friend, a 
magnificent silver cake basket, gold
line; Miss Wyllie, embroidered silk
tea cosy; Mr. and Mrs. Wyllie, silver
spoon holder; Rev William Robertson,
a magnificent Morocco bound bible
(large); Mr. Fred Dunn, 1 doz. linen
table napkins; Mr. and Mrs George
Soudon, Silver biscuit jar; Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Brown, silver cake basket;
Mr. and Mrs. James Richmond, linen
table cloth, tray cloth, and doz. nap-
kins; Mr and Mrs William Gammon,
� doz silver tea knives; Mr. and Mrs.
A Harvey, � doz. silver forks; Mr. and 
Mrs. J. Tater Smith, � doz. cut glass
goblets; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns,
pair of silver knife rests; Miss Bella
Hall, pair silver napkin rings; Mr. and
Mrs A. R. Hall, Carving knife and 
fork; Mr and Mrs Daniel Wakefield,
silver cruit stand; Miss Martha Wake-
field, pair of silver salts with ruby
founts; Catherine N. Buchanan, silver
butter knife; Mr and Mrs Conworth,
silver bell and silver broach (Jubilee
design); Mr. and Mrs. R. Oliver, crys-
tal fruit set.
  After the marriage the guests retir-
ed to the lawn upon which was erect-
ed an immnse awning beneath which 
tables had been ladened with all the 
delicacies of the season, after partaking
of the grand banquet Sheriff Perry
gave a short complimentary address to
the bride and bridegroom, followed by
Rev. Wm. Robertson, M. A., Rev. R.
Burns Ph B., Rev John T. Smith, and
Messrs. Cumming, Wyllie, Tew, and
White.  The bride and bridegroom
went on a short tour to Buffalo, Niag-
ara and Woodstock, before starting
for Manitoba on Wednesday July 6th.
Their many friends with them a pros-
perous and happy life in their prairie

[Gunn�s handwriting]
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