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Text for Page 008 [10-11-1861]

	    Letter from my Mother.
  11.  Friday.   In doors writing until the 
evening.  Shepherd and Cahill up, also the
little girl of Mrs Clark or Miss Kate Fisher,
as the mother calls herself.  To Bellew�s in the
evening; a rather dull time of it.
  12.  Saturday.   A letter from my mother.
My last reached her on her birth-day, the eleventh
of September, when she was sixty-six - God bless
her and give her many more birthdays and hap-
py ones!  Mary and Hannah Bennett sent a
present and letters in honor of the occasion.  My
sister Rosa has been at Neithrop for some weeks
(the more�s the pity) and is going to Chacombe.
Charley and his wife (Italicized by my mother)
are going to her former house, too.    They have
moved from Chigwell to Canonbury, a house
opposite the New River.    He �looks miserable,
not like a happy man, but perhaps he was
tired� when my mother saw him and the little
humbug stopped to dinner.    Sam is an immense
contrast, �full of spirits and fun, talking
about his bees and flowers,� the first of which
gave him half a hundred weight of honey last
year.    Poor Minnie isn�t well still; she was
a month at Ramsgate, Naomi bearing her
company for half that time.       Charley
is �quite infatuated with some of �the Bolton               
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