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Text for Page 010 [10-12-1861]

	     News from England.
family; he does not know� adds my mother
what I could tell of them.      I should not like
to put on paper what has come to my knowledge�
� about the little humbug, I suppose.     Sarah
Ann as accepted George Gardiner �as she
thinks she shall not have a better chance of lea-
ving her happy home� and the whole family are
savage at it, on the grounds that �he is only a
poor Lawyer�s clerk� as the amiable George
had it, in Canada, whither, if they can, the
family will export cunning little Sarah � pos-
sibly for John Conworth�s benefit.    Gardiner,
says my mother, has a better character than
any brother of hers and supports his old
mother.     Mary Ann has written home; our
father is no better in health, �looking very
ill.�            Down town; at Ross and Tousey�s,
met F. Leslie.     At Vanity Fair office saw
�Artemus Ward� Brown, present editor, having
a message for him from Captain Clinton.
To the E. Post.     Returning met Damoreau,
who looked journeymanish. To Haney�s.
Up town; writing.      Haney up in the evening,
and irregularly, Cahill, Boweryem, Shep-
herd and the child.    Cahill and Shepherd
are out drinking (and worse) together again.
  Cahill will die like Welden, after all.               
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