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Text for Page 012 [10-14-1861]

   Scoville.   Hillard pere.   Grace, Ella & �Fanny.�
Maverick and Godwin.     Returning, met
Scoville who told me he got �3 per week
as correspondent of the London Herald and
Standard, exhibiting a letter to that effect.
He also said if I wanted anything put in
those papers, he�d include it his letters.  They
arrested him here, some time back, for libelling
Mrs Lincoln.    A valuable correspondent the
London Herald and Standard has got in
Joe Scoville!   Little Watson and Edge are,
too, employed in a similar capacity!   Uptown.
Writing to John Conworth.   (I put in that bit
of news anent S. A. Bolton � for pretty Susan
Hewitt�s benefit.)   In the evening went to
Frank Hillard�s.         His wife out of town; Oli-
ver also.  Up stairs in his father�s room, a
hearty and garrulous old boy of eighty, who 
talked to me of Charleston and Virginia of
forty years ago.
  15.  Tuesday.   Writing to my mother, copy-
ing story &c.   Down town with Cahill in the
afternoon.    Passed Grace Thomson, her sister
and their dam; Old Party drest within an
inch of her life, with a Mrs Skewton-like
waist.   (She had a letter published in the Trib-
une this morning, advocating a chance for
putting herself on view � Marry! the kind               
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