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              [newspaper clipping]
To the Editor of The N. Y. Tribune.
  SIR: Gen. Meigs, we are told, wants blankets for
the army.  Our men are taking the field this Autumn
faster than this indispensable necessity can be pro-
vided.  Allow me to make a suggestion.  Let some
officer go through certain streets at a certain hour
each day, with a vehicle, a drum and fife, and the
National flag; and as he slowly passes each house
let its matrons toss him a blanket, or blankets, as she
can afford.  Surely, with the prospect of a well-
sheltered roof and plenty of fuel for the coming
Winter, there are few if any who could or would re-
sist the call of the blanketeer.  Proper notice, of
course, should be given to the public through what
streets and at what hour this appeal for our country�s
defenders will be made.	         FANNY FERN.
  No. 182 East Eighteenth street.               
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