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Text for Page 014 [10-15-1861]

of exhibition she ought to figure in would be
that of the Skimmington, in Hudibrastic fash-
ion.   To the Evening Post office and the Bat-
tery.  Thence, parting with Cahill, to Brooklyn,
and by car and pedestrianism to the house which
Alf Waud took Haney, Jack Edwards and my-
self to, last spring, as the one he designed moving
to.   It is now owned by Mrs Jewell, whom I
found in the parlor, nursing the baby � Alf�s
last.      It�s mother and Mrs Sexton had gone to
New York, to telegraph to Washington, as Alf
hadn�t been heard from for two weeks.   After a
long time they returned, finding us at supper in
the basement.     They both looked well, �Mrs Waud�
particularly so.         They had got a letter from Alf,
through Hayes.           He expressed himself �disgust-
ed � as usual.�                 Sol Eytinge has visited at
the house, and Allie � once; Mr and �Mrs
Waud� returning the compliment.  Mrs W. does-
n�t like Mrs Eytinge.       She was very cordial to
me, invited me to stay till the morning and the
time passed rapidly enough till 11, when I left
and returned to New York, past midnight.
  16.  Wednesday.   Shepherd up.     Writing.  To
the E. Post office by 1; return and writing hard
till 11 P. M.       Letters to Sam, to my mother
and more story-copying for England.               
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