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Text for Page 015 [10-16-1861]

	Cahill and Shepherd�s dissipation.
 17.  Thursday.   To the E. Post office by
12 �, saw Maverick.  Raking over M.S.S. to find
my �Saturday night in the Fourth Ward,� written
last April, and succeeded.      Met Bellew.    Cal-
led at the Sunday Times office, saw Du Solle and
others.       Up town.   In doors the rest of the day.
Writing till midnight � when Cahill came up,
miserably drunk, having been out with Shep-
herd again.
  18.  Friday.   In doors all the rainy, stormy
day, writing, till evening.   Then called at the
boarding-house in Waverly Place, where Jones
and Mrs Butler live.       There an hour or so chat-
ting with them.  A Miss Shepland, a friend of
the Woodward girls, there, part of the time.
  19.  Saturday.   In doors, writing.         Cahill
up in the evening, having ended his week�s de-
bauch, in consequence of his money running
out.     Finding Shepherd in his bed one morn-
ing, while the rightful occupant was breakfast-
ing, I gave him a blowing up about Cahill,
without effecting anything of course.  Talked
to Cahill also.
  20.  Sunday.   A fine clear, cold day.   To
Bergen, via Jersey City Ferry and horse car.
Mr Sergeant, Bill Waud�s father-in-law rents
a wooden house with an acre or two of ground               
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