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Text for Page 017 [10-20-1861]

         W. Wauds relations by marriage.
in the rear of it, in which he grows vegeta-
bles and the like.  I found him and his dau-
ghter at home, W. Waud being, as it happened,
at work in New York.    She is a young girl
� quite youthful in appearance � of preposses-
sing appearance and simple aspect, evidently
very fond of Monseigneur, her husband.  Their
child died this summer, as Will had informed
me.        The father is rather a spare man,
with an aquiline nose and grizzled beard; he
told me he had practised physic in Boston, but
having no prospect of continuing that in New
Jersey, he was doing a little farming, or rather
gardening.   He didn�t go to church, he said,
as he and It had differed and parted some
years ago, and people had no confidence in a
Universalist.        Will, it seems, wrote to his
wife to join him down south, but she didn�t
like the prospect.   Evidently he talks Southern
at home, contrary to the convictions of his kins-
folk by marriage, who are gamine New Eng-
landers.     A brother of his wife lives with them,
and another has a residence in Newark � this
last being the one who has crossed the Atlantic
a good many times and who, when in Eng-
land, was desirous of visiting the relatives of
the husband of his sister, about whom Bill               
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