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Text for Page 018 [10-20-1861]

	  At 745.  �Fanny� and Jim.
indulged in auriferous fictions, to avoid the
discovery of which he had to assert they were off
on a tour in Wales.           I saw only the father
and daughter, who showed me the grounds at
the rear of the house, the pumpkins, cabbages
and potatoes.         After an half-hour�s gossip
I returned to New York and to Bleecker Street.
In the evening to Chapins, and afterwards
to 745, overtaking Matty and Jack, Eliza and
young Tousey when near the house.  Eliza
was evidently playing Sally towards that flaxan-
headed youth, who took his leave at the door.
Mr and Mrs E. in the basement; no visitors,
even Haney didn�t appear.   The smell of the bride
cake is pretty well out of the house now.  Stayed
a not very lively hour and a half, then left.
  21.  Monday.   Drawing and writing.  Ca-
hill up part of the morning and afternoon.
Down town with him.  Passed Fanny Fern and
her daughter Grace, (Apropos of the old cat, I was
told, on Sunday night, of a formal agreement, made
in Haney�s presence, that Jim should be allowed a
certain license and liberty, particularly that of visit-
ing his relatives, without being subjected to peine
forte et dure for it � since which time he has been
at 745 less than ever!)   Papa Edwards and son-
in-law Nast passed on the other side of Broadway               
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