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Text for Page 019 [10-21-1861]

    Morris in N.Y.   Dixon�s & Bellew�s.
also.   To Harper�s; Bonner gone.   To the
Post-office.   Returning to Bleecker Street,
found Morris, very recently arrived in town
from a two months� sojourn in Baldinsville,
N.Y. the place of his nativity � which he has not
visited for three years.    Looked and talked
much as usual � is, like myself in search of
something to do.  He supped with �us (during
which meal Cahill, telling him of a recent call
here, of little Maguire�s, added that she said of
Morris that �the Fiend had Not Triumphed!�)
stayed an hour in my room afterwards and
we went out and had ale at the Optimus.  Read-
ing and writing till 12.      Boweryem up and
when he left, Cahill.
  22.  Tuesday.   To Harper�s, saw Bonner.
To F. Leslie�s, the N.Y. Weekly office, the
Evening Post office and to Leslie�s again, seeing
F. L. and J. A. Wood.            Up town.   In the
evening to Dixon�s; finding him in company
with a gambler, for whom he was prescribing.
The �Scalpel� to be revived in January.   To Bel-
lew�s, finding Morris there.         Bellew at work
as usual.     Talk till 10 �, ending with ale at
the Woodbine.        Talking with Cahill the other
day, incidentally, of Sally Nast, he volunteered
an anecdote of her which surprised me a little,               
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