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Text for Page 020 [10-22-1861]

	Sally poaching on her own hook.
When he was on visiting terms at the house (he
went thither with Haney much oftener than I did,
in those days) he observed Sally occasionally
on Broadway in company with young fellows,
strangers.    �I knew everybody who came to the
house then and am quite sure they were strangers,�
he said.    Sally spoke to him of it, asking him
if he had mentioned the thing to Haney.  He told
her, truthfully, No; when she requested him not
to do so, adding that she should get scolded if
the circumstance were known at home.   He 
said nothing of it to anybody but George Arnold
who kept him company, then, and to whom he had
pointed out Sally on the street.        Both George and
Cahill thought the girl ought to be spoken to about
it, and the latter told her that though her conduct
was doubtless innocent and thoughtless, she had
better take care as the world was �very censoriasus,�
where upon Sally reddened or promised amend-
ment.      Cahill declares that he observed the thing
at least four times; that the girl�s companions
were young fellows, and that Truman Bonestal
was not one of them, as I suggested.
  23.  Wednesday.   Shepherd up for a short
time.   Writing, indoors, all day, a �Bull Run�
story to take to the Harpers�, John Bonner having
suggested that they were open to Love and War.               
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