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Text for Page 021 [10-23-1861]

	 Various persons and places.
Cahill with me a great deal.  A decidedly cold
  24.  Thursday.   Finishing story.   Down
town in the afternoon to Harpers�, passing Grace
Thomson and Old Party and anon Eliza and Mat-
ty.     Mort Thomson, by the way, having returned
from Virginia, in consequence of diarrhaeah,
has been dispatched, for the Tribune, with the
secret naval expedition.x    To the E. Post office,
then to Haney�s.      Up-town with him as far as
Bleecker.    Katy and Ned Nichols are at 745
and he was going thither, to treat them to some
place of entertainment in the evening.      A note
from Cobb this morning; dated Honesdale, Pa.
He promises a visit on Saturday.
  25.  Friday.   To dentist�s in the Bowery; then
down-town.  Saw W. Waud, White, an artist,
and Frank Leslie at the office of the latter. To
the Evening Post office, saw Godwin, Maverick
and Addey, who was waiting in a fluttering, twitchy
manner to obtain an audience with Godwin, then
closeted with Bryant.     Up-town.    Crossing the
Park met Watson (father of Mrs Allie Eytinge�s
baby) who was recruiting �for a company command-
ed by his brother� to whom I was introduced �
crimping at so much a head.      In Broadway
met the bearded Hawkins, who now publishes
	        x To Hilton Head, S. C.               
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