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Text for Page 008 [10-15-1851]

              comment that �they were down on to them, there.�  Scoville looked ad-
ditionally vicious, I thought.  Richly piece of absurd.   Called at the
Atlas Office, found heavy man immersed in politics.   To Traveller
again, and laughed over Picayune affair with Holbrook.  To �City
Budget� Office.   To Strongs.  [words crossed out]
Says his Editor likes �Adam Lux� and talks of using it.   Called
in at Nagle�s.     Back.     Afternoon, to Traveller Office for wood
blocks, to Holmes, where was Mac and a posse of Irishman.
Got no money.     Drawing for two hours or so at night. /
Forgot to chronicle an interview of an hour or more with Lock,
apropos of my writing and illustrating Railway book; all pretty
well arranged provided Roberts be agreable.            Met Mr Rich-
ardson this morning. He hath taken rooms in Broadway.
  16   Thursday.   Mrs Leave the stout, good humored, broad-
joke-loving mistress of the house inducts me into the possession
of a single room, not a sky parlor.     Down town, to Roberts,
and with him to Locks, where an hours� talking took place, and 
all preliminaries were apparently arranged.     To Traveller Office,
to Post Office     &c then returning .     Drew on wood awhile,
then down town again, with blocks to the Traveller Office, there
to Wall Street, met Holmes; thence to Millers; saw the map.
Returning called in at Genins, got [words crossed out] som-
brero;  saw Genin.            Back to Franklin.    After supper
in the room just this day tenanted by Cunningham and his
wife; who now board here.   Hands called.  Fumigation and               
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