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Text for Page 024 [10-25-1861]

	     And their Characteristics.
and has called Mary, the robustuous chamber-
maid �a d____d b___h!� whereupon the wench spank-
ed her.      Miss M�Cook, �the Irish Giantess,� apos-
trophized by Boweryem; tall, thin, reddish-
nosed; looks well enough when got up in blue silk
of Sunday evenings but particularly seeding in the
morning.    Is something in the sharp way.      Miss
Tomlinson; thin, good-humored, old maidish, prone
to cackling like the rest � don�t know anything dis-
agreable of her.         Mrs Jewell: � decentish ave-
rage American woman, wife or mistress � Cahill
says the latter � of the big gambler who lives in the
house, but whom I have never seen, as he takes
his meals in his room, when he�s in town, which
is not now, business affairs calling him to Wash-
ington.    The woman is civil and circumspect, she
don�t mix much with the others.       Cahill relates
that this Jewell found a man in bed with his
w real wife or had other certain proof of her
adultery, went to the bar of the Astor or the
St Nicholas and scored the offender across the
face with a bowie-knife, so as to mark him for
life.    The wife now lives with her kinsfolk; she
was a drunkard, as was her daughter, relative
to whom, Boweryem affirms that his �engagement�
was a mere flirtation and �sell� � which I, know-
ing my little friend, find hard to believe.               
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