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Text for Page 025 [10-25-1861]

Cahill got this Jewell history from Billy
Mulligan or some of his fraternity.   The men
may be more briefly mentioned, as I�ve secu-
red them before.         Jewitt potters as usual; is 
inoffensive; don�t talk at people as he was prone
to; what his relations are to Mrs Boley I find
it difficult to decide; Cahill � not a bad autho-
rity � thinks he only �likes to fool round her,�
no more.     Bradshaw; at present smelling
after Mrs. Clark.     Griswold; cheery; in his
situation at Anthony�s, got for hi by Richard-
son.        Phillips; doing nothing, I think, but
pottering about his inventions; irrecoverably in
debt to Mrs. Boley.       Halsted, in a military
uniform; has been down-east and got married;
may go to the war if his regiment does.     Not-
withstanding his matrimonial engagement he
used to make love to little Mina Geary, as in
their time, have Boweryem, Pollock and Cahill.
Her father, by the way, had the inherently
Irish idea that the girl ought to make a great
match and enrich the family!        And I learn
that the Spaniard or Cuban, Rodriguez, who
occupied a back attic last spring (where he used
to close the window and smoke cigars in bed
after dinner) was employed in the same shoe-
store as Bitch Lee, and that he is �engaged�               
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