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Text for Page 028 [10-27-1861]

		Down-town calls.
Canada West; has visited England

William Leslie,
(very good portrait.)

[Gunn�s diary continued]
and France, and seems 
to manage her husband
admirably.        Before din-
ner Leslie took me down
stairs to show me the re-
cently-purchased furniture
of the back parlor, the front
being, as yet, empty.
  28.  Monday.   To Har-
pers, saw Bonner and
�Mayor� Harper, the latter
of whom gossipped towards
me a good deal, the former
accepting story.   To the
�Sunday Times�; got $5
for the story left there.   To
Frank Leslie�s; found him with Bellew.   After
talk, with Bellew to Crook and Duff�s; drinking
with him, Sewell of the �N.Y. Times� and another.
Then, with Bellew to Harpers� again.       Being to-
gether up in the engraver�s room, saw Damoreau,
who told me that Nicholas had recently doubled
his income by obtaining a berth in connection with
the U. S. Treasury and that �Madame� Damoreau
knew Mrs. Edwards in this city, some years ago,
� which may be true or one of her lies.  He believes               
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