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Text for Page 029 [10-28-1861]

	     Miscellaneous.   �745.�
it with characteristic fatuity.     With Bellew
to the �E. Post� office, then up Nassau Street, meet-
ing Reed the engraver and ex-artist and drink-
ing with him.     Parted from Bellew and up town.
Writing and drawing indoors for the rest of
the day till 12.   Boweryem and Cahill up,
seperately and together.   They preserve and unbro-
ken silence towards one another but both talk
to me.          Haney told me on Saturday that
Mrs. Griffin, ex Gouverneur, ex Gill, is desir-
ous of returning from Paris to the United Sta-
tes, but that the Gouverneurs, being by no means
desirous of this, only remit her enough money
to keep her there!
  29.  Tuesday.   Drawing.   Shepherd and Cahill
up.   Down town by omnibus to Harper�s, met
Damoreau, missed Bonner.       To Strongs and
F. Leslie�s; got block from the latter.      Up-town.
Writing during the afternoon and part of the eve-
ning.   Shepherd up and Cahill.       By 9 went
to 745, finding Matty, Eliza and Ann in the 
basement; a general air of unfrequency
of visitors distinguishable in their manner.  My
absence was commented on.      Haney, however,
seems almost as constant as ever, dividing his
allegiance between the household and Fanny�s
� where I fancy he finds it equally slow.     He               
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