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Text for Page 030 [10-29-1861]

	         Ham�s Grievances.
was at Fan�s to-night.       Sat and chatted for
an hour or two, when Mr. E. descended, anon
Jack, then Mrs. E.        Evening passed well enough.
In a chance remark of Jack, abetted by his mother,
I noticed a smack of descendentalism, which has, I
think, obtained throughout the family, qualifying
its old enchantment.          Honeywell has been sick
� spat blood from some minor internal rupture, as
Eliza ascertained during a chance visit to his mother.
There was something said about Mrs. E. sending
Matty to enquire after him subsequently.     Left at
10 �.           Invited to a little rere-supper of lobster
in our basement, by our landlady, I found Ham sitting one one
side of the table talking to Jewitt.      She was setting
forth her general disinterestedness, generosity and
virtue and the ungratitude of mankind, especially
of her sisters, relatives and friends, in the
usual feminine and Celtic style, insomuch that
when she left I was not surprised to hear from
old, Jewitt that �an aristocratic coolness� has begun
to exist between her and the Lee�s, based on the
two latter having mulvathered Clark exclusively,
so that they share bottles of gin and pitchers of
beer in the actress�s room nocturnally, without
inviting Ham, who is naturally injured there-
fore.     Jewitt predicts a general row between the
women.     Please Heaven!    I�d see them scalp               
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