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Text for Page 031 [10-29-1861]

	Meeting will Willy Kidder.   News.
one another without interfering.       Clark has
her gin regularly and, Mrs Boley says she has appeared
drunk at the dinner-table, one night.    Nice house,
this is getting to be!
  30.  Wednesday.   Writing.   To Harpers� by
noon, saw Bonner.    (Story to be tinkered and
made partisan in character as I made the hero
of it, a Virginian, actuated by principle!)  To
Strongs and the Post, then to W. Leslie�s.  Re-
turning up West Broadway, when not far from
Beach street (once the residence of the Kidder fa-
mily) I was accosted by a young fellow, rather
short and inclined to be thickset, in a cap, with
a cigar in mouth, who addressing me by name,
asked if I didn�t recollect Willy Kidder?   It was
Lotty�s brother.  He told me that she was in Wales
with Granville who had the superintendence of a
paper-mill there, at a place in Monmouthshire,
called Clearwater, with the additional post-office
address of Wintebrook); that they had a carriage
and two horses, and were prosperous, Lotty ha-
ving grown very plump, as her mother learnt
from Jane Mason who, with her husband, lives
with the pair.     Mason, it seems, got out of a 
situation in New York and didn�t bestir him-
self to obtain one, hence his wife abetted the
idea of their going to England.   When Lotty               
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