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Text for Page 032 [10-30-1861]

	x The young fellow has shallow hazel eyes and when
he smiled, a queer mirthful look, which reminded me
of his sister.
heard of their arrival in London, she posted
thither (�in her usual impulsive manner� said Will)
to join them and insisted on their going to live
with her in Wales.        I asked after Brentnall
and Hill.        The latter, it appears, pilla-
ged or swindled the former, returning secretly
to England in a first-class steamer, taking a
cabin passage.  Brentnall, abandoned, got very
hard up, had to sell watch, revolver &c, bor-
rowed money from my informant, from Mason
and others and finally took a steerage passage
in a sailing-vessel to England.  Hill, said Will
Kidder, was a perfect rascal.         Brentnall
had renewed his acquaintance with the Masons
on the other side of the Atlantic; I didn�t learn
that it extended to Lotty.       She has not been in
Holland; something was said by Will about
a paper-mill being burnt down there, which
may have diverted Granville�s questionable in-
dustry into another and a home channel.    The
abolition of the duty on paper may have had some-
thing to do with it.              Part of this information
I obtained over a glass of ale at what was
once the Museum Hotel.  Will said, too, that his
mother was going to have another baby.x  In
Laurens street, between Spring and Prince, I
witnessed a fire.    Half a dozen scared women               
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