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Text for Page 009 [10-16-1851]

              talk of Leonard Street place, of the lack of boarders, of
the masculine and feminine �Dickies�, (as the two Flowers, in
affectionate bird-like parlance term one another,) with
much scandal and cachination.     Quitted them at 9, and
to mine own little solitary room, and scribbling.   Wrote
two articles for paper,  [words crossed out]
and a letter for Mr Hart.  Bed, late.     Met Warren
at sunset, when out this day.
  17. Friday.   Drew a little, then to Roberts, and with
him to Locke�s .   Much talk over the agreement I had
over-night drawn up, and arguments as to the proportion of re-
numeration.  Locke & Ives, requiring half profits, after ex-
penses paid for publication &, the other half we, (I and
Roberts) to divide.     This we did not agree to, so the
affair stands over at present.   To the Traveller Office; to
the Post Office, sent off letter for Alf Waud and Mr Hart;
then to Millers, saw him, settled matters, then to An-
dersons.  Got no money.   Then back to dinner.  Afternoon,
drawing awhile,  then down town.   To Courtland  Street
schnieders, got waistcoat,($3.50) � on Holbrooks order on Schnie-
ders.   To Traveller Office, there till 6, then returned.
Drew four pictorial rebusses &c after supper, then out and 
called on Mrs Kidder.   Found her alone, but soon Ward came.
Stayed till 11.       I never yet experienced a woman with no-
thing real about her soul, till now.   What elaborate bosh does               
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