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Text for Page 033 [10-30-1861]

		      A Fire.
had collected at the entrance of a narrow court
or blind alley, at the end of which a building � I
think a stable or an outhouse, was in flames.    Men
were carrying in unavailing bucketsful of water;
scared faces of shabby people protruding from
adjacent houses, and immediately opposite the
burning building, two terrified prostitutes were
[unclear word]cking up house and departing.    By and by
came the clamorous firemen with spirting hose-
pipes.     The building being very nearly consu-
med I departed, encountering Mary the ro-
bustuous and old Jewett streaming towards it.
  Writing the rest of the day and in the evening
till 12.      Cahill up part of the time.
  31.  Thursday.   Shepherd up.   Writing
during the morning; down town in the afternoon.
Returning, I found Cahill drunk, asleep on my
bed, though he recovered sufficiently to descend
to dinner, going out again at 9, to a supper-
party with certain actors at a Houston street
tavern.            Drawing till 10 or so.      These
actors with whom Cahill associates are Adol-
phus Davenport, generally known as �Dolly,� whose
real name is White, Fanny Browne his mistress
Harry Pearson and others.   Davenport was a
good deal puffed by Mort. Thomson, once, in the
�Tribune,� being an intimate of his.      He had, too,               
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