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Text for Page 034 [10-31-1861]

		Harlotry Players.
a clever and handsome but notoriously unchaste
wife who, after many inconstancies which would
have been scandalous out of her class, relinquished
�Dolly� for Charles Mathews, to whom she is now
married.       There was a row between the two actors
in consequence, and I remember Mort. Thomson
and even Haney indignantly championing Davenport�s injuries
� as if the lewdness and inebriety of the fellow
entitled him to any sort of consideration.
Fanny Browne is said to be a fascinating little
creature, now playing �Dora Sunnyside� in Bour-
cicault�s �Octoroon.�  She lives at a Houston St
tavern with Davenport, who is vain of her his
mistress � who was a lawyer by profession, is notorious as a debauchee and occasionally gets drunk.   Pearson
has the reputation of being the �best countryman�
and �Yorkshireman� on the stage.     In private
he bullies his family and sings grossly obscene songs.    With these people
are a rabblement of theatrical Jews and hang-
ers on, who lead dissolute and debauched lives
by day, getting their living of evenings.   Le Sage
painted the harlotry players truly enough, a couple
of hundreds of years ago; the picture only
needs a certain amount of modernization to
make it the truth at the present day.
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